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Abandoned Home


Created by author Alex Dolan and produced by Audiohm Media, The Patron Saint of Suicides is a full-cast podcast thriller & mystery audio drama.


Elissa Park | Haven Otomo
Rob Schwarb |  Victor Blossem

Richie Amos |  Narrator

Georgia McKenzie | Zoey Gibson

AJ Beckles | Walking Sam, Turo Torres

Jason Webb | Wesley Pope

Also starring:  Luis Bermudez, Jona Lune, Mike Cueller, Blocker, Arianna Abraham, Kyle Stroud, Jason Arnold, Vince Dajani, Paul Gagneaux, Lily Kurta, Andrea Smith, Andre Johnson, Eric Howell, Rose Albelo, Stewart Moyer, Raj Jawa, CB Droege, Ray Snoke, Allie Goodell, Mike Cueller, Stewart Moyer, Scott Johnson, Stefanie Hazen, Enrique Garnica, Chroma Sikora, and Blythe Renay.


Check out our Indiegogo campaign to earn bonus episodes, exclusive merchandise and more. 20% of all money raised helps fund mental health work. 

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